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Men who enter our residential program work through a structured series of phases, that include group and individual counseling with clinically trained professionals, peer support groups, Yoga - Fitness activities, and Life Skills groups.

Choptank Recovery is a 3-6 month program that allows for gradual re-entry into an independent life, built on newly developed skills and a foundation of recovery. Clients are expected to actively participate in the recovery process that starts with creating a person-centered treatment plan. In addition, they will be encouraged and assisted in pursuing employment, building financial literacy, and connecting with community resources and providers. Ultimately, our goal at Choptank Recovery is to educate and empower clients in a way that improves their ability to overcome obstacles and live sober, independent lives in the community.

Additional Program Components

On-site Counseling

Choptank Recovery provides group and individual counseling, on-site. Clients will collaborate with their counselor to create an individualized treatment plan. Clients will also be provided with relapse prevention skills, psychoeducation, and other topics related to co-occurring disorders. 

Community Partnerships

Choptank Recovery partners with Choptank Community Health, to ensure continuity of care. This partnership will allow clients ease of access to medical, dental, mental health services.

To access the New Patient paperwork for Choptank Community Health, please click the link below:

Life Skills Building

Clients will be provided with life skills training to improve their success once they transition back into the community. Choptank Recovery hopes to assist with skills such as employment, financial literacy, and effective communication. 

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