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About Us
About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Choptank Recovery is to inspire hope, willingness, and enthusiasm towards recovery in a structured, safe, and comfortable atmosphere where individuals can continue to grow their personal recovery through our ongoing commitment to their individualized treatment plan.


 Choptank Recovery aspires to provide a vital service to the local community and surrounding areas. Our goal is to meet clients where they are by way of a person-centered approach. This approach will better equip clients to cultivate the skills required for sustained sobriety, reaching desired goals, and achieving long-term success. 

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Our Vision

Our Values


Restoring hope for the future is a pillar of our operations.


What we do when noone is looking speaks to our level of integrity and commitment to recovery. 



We believe that recovery is possible, but so is dedication to the process. 



Extending grace and empathy to one another, and ourselves, is essential. 

What is 3.1 Treatment?

Treatment for substance use disorders is divided into 5 levels based on intensity of the service. At the 3.1 level, services are clinically managed, low intensity, and offer a residential component. This level of service also requires 24-hour staffing, no less than 5 hours per week of clinical services, and can be covered by insurance. Clients who are interested in this level of care must meet specific criteria created by the American Society of Addictions Medicine (ASAM). 

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